Japan and whaling

In the last few days and weeks there has been a plenty of news coverage of Japan bribing small countries to support their position of killing whales for “scientific purposes”.

This is national pride, ego and arrogance gone mad.

The fact that the Japanese government feels that it is entitled to kill as many whales as they want for no particular reason, and to hell with everyone else indicates a very disturbed national mind. The Japanese now have a very large store of whale meat (in excess of 5000 tonnes) that the Japanese public do not want to eat. It is now being used as pet food.

So now the Japanese want to kill more whales, not for “scientific research”, but to feed their pets. The idea of “scientific research’ is surely to either support or develop a hypothesis that will engender knowledge to the human race. How the killing of endangered species fulfils this aim completely escapes me.

Now that the Japanese government has admitted that it is using foreign aid as a means of controlling the votes of small nations who are members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to support their demand to kill sentient mammals, beggars the question of whether Japan is determined to become the persona non-gratia of the ocean. They are demanding the right to kill anything and everything that they come across in the open ocean. Isn’t this how the 2nd World war started – with controlling and subjugating smaller countries? Now though countries (except the USA) have learnt that military force is not necessary to conquer countries, money works much better.

The fact that Greenpeace is getting out there on the ocean doesn’t seem to have much affect on stopping the whaling. Perhaps now is the time to look at other options.

  • Try and get your Government to break off diplomatic relationships with the whaling nations – this includes Japan, Norway and Iceland. Realistically this isn’t going to happen.
  • Try and get your Government to out bribe the Japanese control of the smaller countries. This is unlikely to happen as there does not seem to be many Governments (apart from New Zealand and Australia) who really care about the raping and pillaging of the oceans.
  • Get the Japanese people to pressure their own Government to stop the whaling. Bearing in mind the hive like mentality that Japanese society appears to have, and the almost complete subservience they have to authority it is unlikely that this will happen.
  • Making the economic returns of hunting whales non-existent. This is the case now, evidenced by their use of the meat for pet food, because the Japanese people don’t buy it. The economics are likely to get worse instead of better.
  • Sinking the whaling ships – or at least the factory ships. Is this possible? Of course it is. The sinking would need to be in the deep ocean so that there is no possibility of salvage. Will this happen? It is difficult to tell, the attitude of the environmentalist would need to change from following the rules, and decide to work outside the box. This breed of activist already exists in the UK under the banner of the animal activist. All that needs to happen is that they move from land based to ocean based. This will take money and organisation, but it very possible. I understand that the factory ships of the whaling nations are old and cost a lot to maintain. If they were all lost at sea perhaps the whaling nations would think twice about replacing them. You never know!


2 Responses to “Japan and whaling”

  1. risingsunofnihon Says:

    I definitely agree with you here. I’m not sure why the Japanese government has adopted such a petulant attitude on this issue. As you’ve said, there isn’t nearly the demand for whale meat as there once was… It’s time to put this one to rest for good.

  2. wellbeing Says:

    The problem is that there does not seem anyone with the balls to do the job,

    I am concerned that Japan’s growing militarism is driving this petulant attitude. Are they using this issue as a means of guaging how far other countries will go to thwart their ambitions. I am reminded of Hitlers annexation of the Liepzig corridor before the 2nd world war.

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