Controlling the worlds food supply

Tonight I read a blog entry that had a lot of detail of the approach of one company that wants to control the worlds food supply, and it uses our own laws to steal what are part of our common heritage. Read the blog for yourself to get the whole story.

This came to my attention many years ago and I have noticed that this attempt to steal our common food supply is become more intense. The ability of deep pocketed corporations to bankrupt people who want to stand up to them is overwhelming. Therefore, there must be another method that can be used to bring these out of control corporations under control.

The one thing that all these corporations need are people. People make these monstorous decisions on behalf of the corporations and then hide behind the corporate veil. In my view it is time that this veil was ripped asunder and the people involved in this legalised grand larceny exposed to public scrutiny.

How can we do that? The answer is really simple when you think about it. You don’t want to go after the slave workers who slave away in the factories, and you can’t go after the big wigs because they can afford protection. No, the ones to go after are the middle management!

After all, the middle management people live among us, mainly in the suburbs. Their kids go to our own kids schools, the wives belong to the same clubs your wives do, and they all shop in the same places you do. No, these are the people who can be targeted, ridiculed, ostracised in the community, their kids and wives shunned and generally driven away from their livelihood. If enough of these middle management people left their jobs because of this outside pressure then these large impersonal corporations would start finding it difficult to employ people at this level. In much the same way that smoking has become socially unacceptable, then we as a society can make working for these corporations the same.


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